Bret Black

Developer and Musician · Philadelphia, PA · (484) 844-9141 ·

I am a game developer, web developer, musician (and cat dad!) living in Philadelphia, PA.

I graduated from Lafayette College in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I am currently employed as a software engineer at American Reading Company, where I build web apps and educational video games to support students and teachers across the country.

This website serves as a hub for the variety of projects I have developed independently.

Game Development - Vashta Entertainment

While in college I co-founded "Vashta Entertainment," an independent video game studio with my long-time creative partner Shane Draper. We've released "Trenches of War," which has gathered over 1 million downloads across Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, as well as "River Rider," and "Bouncy Cube." Our largest game, "Harvested," was released in 2021.

Music - Perlin Noise

Perlin Noise is a six-piece indie rock band I founded in 2018. We perform roughly once-a-month in the greater Philadelphia area. On stage I play guitar, synth, and sing. All recordings were made by us in my home studio.

Our official Perlin Noise website can be found here.

Web Development - Tools

I built a simple web tool called "Tab Transpose" to make it easier to access guitar tabulature on mandolin. This tool was later expanded to cover a variety of instruments and tunings.