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Harvested is my second large video game project.  It combines elements of the survival, real-time strategy, and top-down shooter genres.  It is currently in an early alpha state.

They came for a new world… They found a slaughterhouse.

After a mysterious portal came crashing onto earth, colonists flocked through the void to establish a new civilization. Then, a few years later the portals closed, trapping the colonists on the planet Ceres. Before long, they began to wonder who, or what, sent the portal in the first place.

Inspired by the likes of Minecraft, Warcraft, Age of Empires, and the Tower Defense genre, Harvested is an action-adventure-RTS game that puts you in charge of defending colonies from indigenous creatures and an endless demon onslaught. Players must gather resources, explore, and fight through a controlled character while training workers and soldiers.

I have chosen to develop this game full-time this summer.  I will be releasing weekly dev blogs along with videos, screenshots, and other supplementary content.

Returning to my team for this project is Shane Draper, who did a wonderful job creating sound and music for our game “Trenches of War.”

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