Bret running a booth for his game “Harvested” at MAGFest 2016

Bret Black is a game developer at American Reading Company and Vashta Entertainment.  In 2016 he graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

At American Reading Company Bret is working to develop an educational adventure game that will provide a unique way for kids to practice American Reading Company’s revered curriculum.

Bret co-founded Vashta Entertainment in 2014 with composer Shane Draper.  Through Vashta Entertainment he has released two mobile games for Android and iOS: Trenches of War, which has over 600,000 downloads, and River Rider.  Harvested, an in-development PC game, was nominated for “Best Technology” and Gameacon 2016 in Atlantic City, NJ.  Bret has showcased his games at Magfest 2016, TooManyGames 2016, and Gameacon 2016.

At Lafayette College, Bret Black was an EXCEL scholar, co-founded and ran a computer science tutoring organization, and served as Lab Assistant for CS104: Introduction To Programming: Game Programming and CS150: Data Structures And Algorithms.

Additionally, Bret has completed several freelance web development contracts for lawyers, professors, and property-builders.



Programming Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Python
Web Backend Technologies: Node.JS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP
Packages: Unity, GameMaker: Studio, Android SDK, C# .NET, Git, WordPress, LaTeX, Bash
Writing: Formal, Scienti c, Blogging, Informal, Fictional, Satirical, and Informative
Other: Presentation, Leadership, Project Management, Teaching