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Harvested is my second large video game project.  It combines elements of the survival, real-time strategy, and top-down shooter genres.  It is currently in an early alpha state. They came for a new world… They found a slaughterhouse. After a … Continued

cs.getHelp(); A Student-Run Initiative To Increase Retention Rates In Computer Science

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Computer science is difficult.  Strategies taught for success in calculus, physics, and chemistry do not apply.  Similarly, students who have been able to thrive thus far relying on memorization hit a wall when they are handed problems that demand unique, logically-based solutions. … Continued

First Post

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I am a Computer Science major at Lafayette College.  This is my homepage.  I have experience in web development, game programming, and Node.JS.  I am also skilled with Adobe products and I will be uploading samples of my work.  This … Continued

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