Game Programming

editedTrenches of War

For my first independent programming project, I built a WWI-inspired HTML5 game with two of my peers.  I took on the role of project manager, programmer, and lead designer.  This game was developed intensely from September 2013 to January 2014 and was finally released in August 2014.  This project provided my first experience with graphical user interface (GUI) design and artificial intelligence.

All assets for this game were original.  I created the GUI elements, Willem Ytsma painted the sprites, and Shane Draper composed the music and recorded the sound effects.

Play Trenches of War

Web Development


I spent the summer of 2014 at Lafayette College as an EXCEL Scholar.  I worked alongside three peers to build an online assessment system that will be used by biology students at Lafayette College.  This project provided experience with Node.JS, PostgreSQL, and Git.  This was my first time working with other programmers and I learned how to properly use version control.  Early in this project we suffered from massive merge conflicts and lost code but these problems became less common as we became more experienced with Git.  For more information on this experience, please read my related blog post.

Private Contracts

Several organizations and businesses have hired me to build their websites.  I have also developed websites voluntarily for friends and organizations within Lafayette College.  These experiences have taught me how to communicate with clients to provide a product that most closely matches their request.

Mobile Applications

ConText SMS

I have published an Android app to the Google Play store.  This app takes sentences from the user’s SMS inbox and returns them completely out of context.  Users can favorite strange sentences and look at them later.  This app can be downloaded here.


music_of_the_emerald_isle.jpgOn-Staff Poster Designer

At Lafayette College I am on-staff to design posters for the Programs in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies department, Policy Studies department, and Africana Studies department.  These posters advertise speakers, documentary screenings, and other events hosted by the departments.  Some of these posters can be found in my gallery.

Other Graphics Work

I used Gimp for the first time in 2006 and have been a graphics addict ever since.  I have since upgraded to Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.  I am subscribing member of Adobe’s Creative Cloud package and always try to take advantage of the latest features.

I have designed logos, posters, web banners, book covers, and more.  I also have some experience with pixel art.  When I program games I use my own artwork as placeholders so that the artist has a better vision of what I am trying to build.  I have also created GUI elements for games and programs.

Examples of my work can, again, be found in my gallery.