First Step Into Android App Development

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I’ve decided to resume development on an Android app I started in May.  This app marks my first attempt at Android app development.

The app generates random sentences from the user’s SMS database.  These sentences are returned without any context, opening the door for wild interpretations.  Generated sentences can be favorited and viewed later.

In its current state, the app generates a SQLite database of sentences parsed from SMS upon launch and then returns a random entry in the database whenever the “next” button is clicked.  This is incredibly slow for phones with a large volume of SMS, and I intend to improve it by parsing individual text messages for sentences every time the “next” button is pressed.

In my improved app, the SQLite database will be removed – instead, I will maintain a cursor in the activity that will randomly pick messages from the native SMS database.  The chosen message will then be parsed, and a random sentence will be selected.  This will drastically reduce the startup time, and I predict that the increased time to get a new sentence will be negligible.

Additional features I may implement include Facebook and Twitter sharing options and an endless list of sentences – rather than generating one sentence at a time, I would like to see sentences generated as the user scrolls.

The source code for my app can be found in this repository.

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